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HELP / Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTC Interactive System Map Application

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada Interactive System Map was developed to provide users a tool to find more information regarding the use of our local bus system. Allowing users the ability to see Bus Routes, Bus Stops, Ticket Vending Machines, and Local Vendors that sell Bus Passes. Users can also click on a specific stop and request the next bus arrival times for that stop taking into consideration any delays that bus may have. Users can also see detailed information in pdf form of any of the Bus Routes by selecting on a route and clicking the Route Name for more information. By making our riders more informed they can make better use of their time by utilizing this application to plan their routes to work, school, shopping, etc.

How can I figure out which bus I need to get on near my house to take me somewhere?

The RTC Interactive Map is not a trip planner; it is an informational tool that gives you more information about our current Bus Routes, Bus Stops, Ticket Vending Machines, and Local Vendors that sell bus passes. There are other sources available that can help you plan such a trip like Google.

How do I search for the address I am looking for?

Search By current design the application will only search by local addresses. Please enter a street number, street name and either click 'Enter' or click onthe Search Icon just to the right of the input box.

Can I search for Locations by their Name?

No, at this time points of interest cannot be searched for by their names alone, you must know the address you are looking for.

How can I figure out where I am currently located?

Locate NOTE: This option is only for mobile devices and you will have to allow the device to utilize your current position via the devices GPS. By clicking on the Locate Button the map will zoom into your current location and show your position with a blue circle. If you need to zoom back to your location simply click the Locate Button again.

I typed in my bus stop number but it could not find it.

We are working to add the functionality to allow users to search by Bus Stop Number, and Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) number. Please be patient while we work on this for a future update to the Interactive Map Application.

How do I reset the Application (I.E. clear the map and start over)?

Home By clicking on the HOME button it will reset the map.

My address is not showing up?

Please ensure that you type in the street number and street name correctly.

Errors, Issues, Bugs

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is constantly trying to improve the Interactive Map Application and we are always open to user feedback. You can e-mail us with any problems you may find to: InteractiveMap